Industrial vacuum cleaners with high performance lobe pumps for heavy industry

Cement factories, foundries, steel mills, incinerators and power plants require powerful and effective cleaning tools to maintain maximum production efficiency and high safety standards. The Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners of the DHV series are the ideal solution for maintenance and cleaning work in the heavy industry. DHV vacuums make it easy and safe to remove and handle large quantities of dusty or solid material.


Mobile industrial vacuum cleaners with removable container

Very high performance vacuum cleaners easy to move thanks to forklift forks. Very high suction performance and ease of material disposal. Ideal solutions for carrying out heavy jobs even in different points of the production plants. Convenient and safe unloading of the vacuumed material thanks to removable containers.

Semi-mobile industrial vacuum cleaners mounted on the hopper

High performance vacuum cleaners for localized exhaust or directly in big bags. Very high suction performance and high filtering efficiency. Ideal for suctioning large quantities of material even at great distances. Different exhaust systems available, even in a continuous cycle.