Buddy Mig 400i

Robust and powerful

Buddy Mig 400i is an inverter controlled power source meant for MIG/MAG welding. With well proven technology, the inverter controlled power source will reduce the overall input power required thus reducing energy cost. The power source is built to withstand rugged use which makes it a perfect solution for industrial usage. It is intended for a wide range of light, medium and heavy Mig/ Mag and FCW applications . Electronically controlled feeding gives accurate and stable arc control. The stepless inductance control provides good arc starting characteristics and low spatter level at low currents.


Easy settings

Wire feed speed, voltage control and wire inching are set conveniently on the wire feeder. The crater current and voltage, gas check, 2/4 stroke and inductance controls are standard features allowing the operator to reduce set up times and ensure a quality weld every time. Other settings such as creep start, pre-flow and post-flow are preset to optimal levels.



The compact & lightweight wire feeder allows access of the feeder unit into tight spaces, thus improving mobility. The power source has a heater outlet for powering a 110V CO2 heater regulator, removing the need for additional power supplies. The optional trolley allows the gas cylinder to be placed together with the power source to improve mobility. With the optional Voltage Control Box, the power source is also compatible for usage with arc voltage sensing feeders.


  • Buddy Mig 400i


Wire Feeder

Height280 mm
Length460 mm
Width200 mm

Power Source

Height525 mm
Length590 mm
Width295 mm

Input Voltage

Frequency50 Hz
Voltage400 V

Power Specifications

Efficiency Maximum Current85 %
Enclosure ClassIP 21
Max Welding Output400 A
Power Factor Maximum Current0.93
Setting Range (A)50 – 400 A
Setting Range (V)16.5 – 34 V
Open Circuit Voltage65 V


Application ClassificationS
StandardsIEC 60974- 1/ -10


Wire Feeder

Weight9 kg

Power Source

Weight36 kg

Welding Output

Duty Cycle100 %
Output Current310 A
Duty Cycle60 %
Output Current400 A

Wire Feeder Specifications

Wire Diameter0.8 – 1.6 mm
Wire Length Per Minute1.5 – 20 m/min

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