Buddy Tig 400i

Robust and powerful


The Buddy™ Tig 400i is an industrial-duty, fan cooled, inverter controlled power sources meant for TIG/MMA welding with professional welding performance. XA00159220


TIG Welding

The Buddy™ TIG machines are capable of performing TIG welding with precise current control. Select a TIGtorch to suit your needs, a gas regulator and a cylinder of gas. You can weld mild steel or stainless steel material with or without filler material.

  • DC Pulse welding
  • HF / Lift Arc starting
  •  2t/4t trigger control
  • Pre/Post gas control
  • Slope up/down control
  • Initial and crater current settings

MMA Welding


A wide current range and powerful welding performance make the Buddy™ Tig machines suitable for a wide range of applications and electrode types such as:

- General purpose

- Low-hydrogen

- Stainless steel

- Cellulosic


The machine has controlled welding dynamics with adjustable Hot Start and Arc Force controls that provide excellent weld properties even for welding pipe root passes.


  • Buddy Tig 400i


Height510 mm
Length540 mm
Width280 mm

Fuse Specifications

Fuse Slow – Amps32 A

Power Specifications

Power Factor at Maximum Current>0.90
Efficiency at Maximum Current>80 %


Application ClassificationS
Operating Temp-10 to 40 °C
StandardsIEC 60974-1; IEC60974-10


Weight32.5 kg

Welding Output

Duty Cycle40 %
Output Voltage36 VDC
Welding ProcessStick (MMA)
Duty Cycle60 %
Output Voltage32.4 VDC
Welding ProcessStick (MMA)
Duty Cycle40 %
Output Voltage26 VDC
Welding ProcessTIG (GTAW)
Duty Cycle60 %
Output Voltage22.4 VDC
Welding ProcessTIG (GTAW)

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