CIGWELD Cutskill Platemate And Pipemate

Platemate Gas  Straight Line Cutting Machine -  Automatically cuts straight lines, circles and bevels. Lightweight and protable, the Platemate is a compact unit designed for simple operation with high stability for long distance cutting. The Platemate comes with a size 1 acetylene nozzle, tip cleaners and spanners.


Pipemate Gas Pipe Cutting Machine -  Accurate square and bevel edge circumferential flame cutting. Designed for simple operation with optimum stability and a smooth dependable drive, the Pipemate is fully adjustable to any cutting length. The control valves are located away from the heat and changeover is quick between differing diameters. The pipemate gas cutting unit comes with a size 1


  • Gas Equipment CIGWELD
Technical datePlatematePipemate
Power Requirements240V AC 50/60 Hz240V AC 50Hz
Weight10kg 9.5kg
Wheel Width160mm160mm
Cutting Speed150- 1500mm/ minute150- 800mm/ minute
Cutting Thickness1-160mm1-160mm
Gas Consumption (Fuel)41-55 l/min41-55 l/min
Gas Consumption (Oxy) 445-58 l/min45-58 l/min
Heat Output180 MJ/HR180 MJ/HR
Model NumberSHA1SHA1
Operating Pressure (Fuel)100 kPa100 kPa
Operating Pressure (Oxy)150 kPa150 kPa
Tip Size8×128×12