Industrial vacuum cleaners for food, pharmaceutical industry and clean rooms

Maximum level of hygiene and no contamination of the working environment. Industrial vacuum cleaners for application in food and pharmaceutical industries must ensure absolute hygienic standards. HEPA filters, stainless steel construction, complete grounding, but also antistatic, stainless steel accessories suitable for food contact and for suctioning materials at high temperatures. The ATEX certification adds a further level of security thanks to certified components for use in ATEX areas.

Vacuum cleaners for bakeries and food laboratories

The suction of crumbs and food residues from the bottom of ovens without using the right tools can be a difficult task. Industrial vacuum cleaners for bakeries and food laboratories ensure a quick and efficient cleaning of industrial ovens. Nomex filters for materials at high temperatures, dedicated kit accessories with extension, antistatic property of the system, maximum safety.

Vacuum cleaners for clean rooms

Cleanrooms characteristic is the unpolluted air and the very low quantity of microparticles of dusts in suspension. Industrial vacuum cleaners for cleanrooms guarantee the highest levels of hygiene up to ISO4 cleanrooms. AISI316 stainless steel construction and autoclavable materials, up to 5 levels of filtration (with HEPA/ULPA filters) and specific autoclavable accessories: what more could you ask for?