Industrial vacuum cleaners for recovery and separation of oil and chips

Industrial vacuum cleaners of the Tecnoil range of products are the ideal solution to always guarantee the maximum efficiency of the machine tools in the industries that carry out machanical processings. The functioning of Tecnoil vacuum cleaners is as simple as important: to allow you to quickly remove from machine tools oils and emulsions mixed to metallic chips waste by filtering and reinserting them in the system so that they can be reused for successive work cycles. So, the use of a Delfin vacuum cleaner for oil and chips allows to reuse the emulsions, by guaranteeing cost savings on the purchase of oils, and to reduce maintenance times and machines downtimes.

Vacuum cleaner for emptying small tanks - up to 100 liters of liquids capacity

Compact and powerful vacuum cleaners for the suction of oils and chips with an integrated discharge hose for liquids. Level control, floating device, sieve grid for the separation and disposal of metal chips. The duration of the vacuum cleaner is ensured by different levels of filtration specific to the type of liquid withdrawed

Vacuum cleaner for emptying medium tanks - up to 200 liters of liquids capacity

Vacuum cleaners for medium amounts of oil and chips. Discharge system through reverse flow by means of an hose. Level control, floating device and detachable sieve grid. Different filtration levels guarantee the safety and the duration of the vacuum cleaner, even when withdrawing muddy sludge.

Vacuum cleaner for emptying large tanks - up to 600 liters of liquids capacity

Industrial vacuum cleaners for large amounts of oils and metal chips with integrated discharge system for liquids. Very suitable to clean and maintain large tanks on big machine tool controllers.