Industrial vacuumsfor fine and toxic dust

Fine and toxic dusts pose a real threat to human health (construction dust, chemicals, pharmaceutical or printers dust, for instance). Therefore, dust and powders have been classified on the basis of their potential risk: L (low risk), M (medium risk) and H (high risk). It is fundamental to contain and remove these dusts to avoid any direct contact or the inhalation of the operators. Industrial vacuum cleaners always have to be equipped with proper high efficiency filters and with proper safe collection systems.


The filtration of fine dusts has a double fuction: to protect the motor of the vacuum cleaner and to protect people’s health while guaranteeing unpolluted air in the working area. All filters used by Delfin are EN1822-1 certified.

TÜV SÜD certified industrial vacuum cleaners

Not words, but facts. To guarantee the absolute safe suction of fine dusts classified as M and H, Delfin has certified some of its best-selling models at TÜV SÜD. The certification is valid for the entire machine with antistatic filters and accessories for total security.

Industrial vacuum cleaners with LONGOPAC® safe bagging system

The Longopac® safe bagging system allows the completely safe suction of fine dusts by collecting them in a continuous and freely adjustable 20mts long bag , which avoids direct contact between dust and operator.

Industrial vacuum cleaner for ASBESTOS removal

Industrial vacuum cleaner designed for the safe collection of asbestos dust. Equipped with safe bagging system for the suction of harmful and asbestos powders. HEPA filtration and TÜV SÜD certification guarantee maximum safety for the operator.